The Dandelion War – We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes Vinyl Reissue

The Dandelion War – We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes Vinyl Reissue

Northern Range Records is proud to be reissuing on vinyl for the first time, We Were Always Loyal To Lost Causes by Oakland, California band The Dandelion War. The double LP gatefold vinyl will drop on June 18th, 2019 and come in the following color variations.

  • Milky clear vinyl limited 90 copies
  • Clear vinyl limited 100 copies
  • Black marble/smoke vinyl limited 100 copies

The reissue will feature two previously unreleased tracks “We Disappear” and “Wild Weather”.

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The Dandelion War is an American Post-Rock band from Oakland, California.  They combine elements of post-rock, shoegaze, dreampop and ambient to outstanding effect. The band’s ethereal and haunting sound relies on the stark contrasts between quiet minimalism and colossal crescendos. AbsolutePunk described the band as “sounding like what would happen if someone melted Explosions In The Sky, Radiohead and The Antlers’ Hospice together.” They have also been compared to Sigur Ros and My Morning Jacket.

The band reached critical acclaim with the release of We Were Always Loyal to Lost Causes in 2012. The album was listed as one of the year’s top release by The Alternative Tone (#13), Team Reasonable (#10), and PopBlerd (#10). Their debut album Geometries and Orchids was released independently in 2010. A follow-up, We Were Always Loyal to Lost Causes, was released by Deep Elm in 2012. Deep Elm also re-released Geometries and Orchids in 2012. The band’s third album, Opposite Shores, was released on November 18, 2014.