jointpop – From Trinidad With …Love Limited Edition Vinyl

jointpop – From Trinidad With …Love Limited Edition Vinyl

The legendary Trinidad and Tobago based rock band jointpop has been picked up by Northern Range Records to release a limited edition vinyl pressing of their upcoming album “From Trinidad With …Love”. The album will be issued on regular black vinyl and limited to 100 copies. This will also be the first record to be released on the Northern Range Records label.  Vinyl pre-order date shall be available soon and available for purchase on bandcamp.

The album was produced by Paul Kimble of 90s alt-rock band Grant Lee Buffalo. It will be released digitally word wide on multiple platforms on May 1st, 2018.


1.  The World’s Most Interesting Man
2.  Amplify
3.  Beauty On A Budget
4.  Berlin Belle
5.  The Blessed Ones
6.  Give Me Life ( Give Me Love )
7.  The Misunderstood
8.  Rear-View Mirror Love
9.  Vienna Moon
10. Silly Old Me ( Silly Old You )
11.  I Miss Me

Check the video out for the new Single Amplify below. Click the buy now link to purchase the digital version on bandcamp.